January 2018

NW Noggin, January 28th, 2018: Race, Bias and Brain: You Can’t Control Art

December 2017

OregonLive, December 3rd, 2017: Black Lives Matter activist Teressa Raiford says she’ll challenge Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler in 2020

TheSkanner, December 14th, 2017: Teressa Raiford Running for City Mayor in 2020

November 2017

The Oregonian, November 3rd, 2017: Teressa Raiford of Don’t Shoot Portland speaks about the year in Portland protests since Donald Trump’s election on Nov. 8, 2016

OregonLive, November 5th, 2017: Portland’s year of protests: Did they matter?

October 2017

Pacific Northwest College of Art, October 23rd, 2017: PNCA hosts Dia de Muertos in collaboration with Latino Art Now and Don’t Shoot Portland

Oregon Live, October 20th, 2017: Reports of bias incidents in Oregon and southwest Washington since Donald Trump’s Election

KXL, October 3rd, 2017: Candlelight vigil held in Portland for Las Vegas victims

Fox 12, October 2nd, 2017: Oregon couple survives Las Vegas shooting; son says they helped wounded

September 2017

Portland Mercury, September 13, 2017: So You Want to Be An Activist? How to Get Politically Involved if You’re New to Town (and Why it Matters)

August 2017

Portland Mercury, August 16th, 2017: Portland’s Incoming  Police Chief Is a Rare, Outside Hire

Willamette Week, August 9th, 2017: Don’t Shoot Portland Activist Teressa Raiford Sues City for $500,000 Over  Her Arrest at Protest

KGW, August 8th, 2017: Police union, activists react to selection of new Portland chief

Fox 12 Oregon, August 3rd, 2017: ‘Stolen Angels’ exhibit created by Don’t Shoot Portland opens in downtown

Splinter News, August 3rd, 2017: Inside the Deadly, Racist History of Portland’s ‘White Liberal Bastion’ 

July 2017

Portland Mercury, July 12th, 2017: From Slacktivism to Activism

June 2017

Oregon Live, June 27th, 2017: Affordable housing bill was hijacked

OregonLive, June 13th, 2017: DA drops case against 66 year old woman who suffered broken nose while protesting

KGW.com, June 4th, 2017: Multiple rallies scheduled Sunday in  Portland

May 2017

Mic, May 31st, 2017: Portland activists divided on the ACLU’s defense of white supremacists’ right to protest

Portland Art Museum, May 27th, 2017: Upstanders Festival in collaboration with Don’t Shoot Portland and Museum of Impact

Koin6, May 16th, 2017: Youth forum focuses on improving police-community relations

Slate  Magazine, May 15, 2017: Can Protesting Trump Inspire White Awareness About Racially Biased Policing?

Oregon Live, May 3rd, 2017: Man who pointed Glock at Don’t Shoot PDX protestors banned from owning guns

April 2017

OregonLive, April 12th, 2017: Protestor files lawsuit after being pepper sprayed during Portland City Hall demonstration

Los Angeles Times, April 7th, 2017: Police Department in Portland, Ore. in disarray as scandals mount

Koin 6, April 2nd, 2017: Don’t Shoot Portland PDX: Police targeting protestors

March 2017

OregonLive, March 29th, 2017: Reports of racial harassment in Oregon and Southwest Washington since Donald Trump’s election

Portland Mercury, March 29th, 2017: Photos & Video: Six Arrested Downtown Wednesday While Protesting Portland Police

KGW, March 22nd, 2017: Mother of Quanice Hayes calls cop who killed her son ‘bloodthirsty’

OregonLive, March 4th, 2017: Portland cop-turned prosecutor stirs debate over fatal shooting of black man

OregonLive, March 3rd, 2017: City, police gather community input for improved response to protests

OregonLive, March 2nd, 2017: Group shuts down Portland council meeting to protest baby’s death

February 2017

Willamette Week, February 20th, 2017: [VIDEO] Woman Shot With Police Projectiles at Don’t Shoot Portland Protest

Oregon Live, February 11th, 2017: Don’t Shoot Portland asks Wheeler to keep ‘excessive force’ away from Feb. 20 protest march

OPB, February 11th, 2017: Investigations Underway After 2 Officer-Involved Shootings In Portland

Williamette Weekly, February 7th, 2017: Portland is Home to the Most Liberal College in America. No, Not that One.

The Skanner, February 2nd, 2017: ‘Constructing Identity’ Puts Black Artists on Display

January 2017

Portland Tribune, January 23rd, 2017:  Don’t Shoot Portland Activists gather in Rockwood

Oregon Live, January 20th, 2017: Don’t Shoot PDX movement plans 1 p.m. Trump protest march in Gresham

Koin 6,  January 16th, 2017: Activists take to icy streets to reclaim King’s legacy

TEDxSALEM: January 7th, 2017: Don’t Shoot Portland founder Teressa Raiford spoke during the TEDxSALEM Revolutions event on January 7th. Media from the event will be available on this page soon.

December 2016

Statesman Journal, December 2nd, 2016: Protestors against racism gather at Capitol

November 2016

Oregon Live, November 25th, 2016: With Don’t Shoot Portland as host, Pearl District block party was like no others

Oregon Live, November 25th, 2016: Don’t Shoot Portland protests police brutality on Black Friday

MRG Foundation, November 18th, 2016: Don’t Shoot Portland: Transforming Activism

WFAA, November 9th, 2016: Protestors take to Portland streets following Trump’s victory

October 2016

Portland Mercury, October 28th, 2016:  Don’t Shoot Portland Protestors and Bundy Clan Fans Briefly Squared Off Downtown This Afternoon 

KGW, October 28th, 2016: Protestors burn flag, block streets in downtown

KATU, October 28th, 2016: Don’t Shoot PDX, Black Lives Matter block streets, burn flag in downtown protest

Portland Mercury, October 28th, 2016: Opinion: Privilege, Malheur, and Writing in Teressa for Sheriff

Portland Mercury, October 24th, 2016: Don’t Shoot Portland’s Teressa Raiford Wants to be Sheriff 

Williamette Week, October 14th, 2016: Don’t Shoot Portland Protestors Block Highway 99E, Heading for Mayor Charlie Hales’ House

Oregon Live, October 14th, 2016: Don’t Shoot Portland protesters set up camp outside Mayor Charlie Hales’ house (live updates)

Fox News, October 13th, 2016: Protests at Portland City Hall turn violent as new police contracted approved

Oregon Live, October 13th, 2016: Don’t Shoot Portland spokesman calls for Mayor Charlie Hales’ resignation

KGW, October 12th, 2016: 10 arrested during protest at City Hall; another protest planned for Friday

September 2016

KGW, September 28th, 2016: Don’t Shoot Portland opposes new police union contract

Oregon Live, September 27th, 2016: Mayor meets with Don’t Shoot Portland activists outside City Hall after moving afternoon meeting

KGW, September 23rd, 2016: Mayor Hales to Black Lives Matter protesters: Your fears are legitimate

August 2016

The Atlantic, August 25th, 2016: The Many Communities of Color In Portland

Oregon Live, August 13th, 2016: Don’t Shoot PDX protest blocks MAX lines, ties up traffic downtown

MTV, August 15th, 2016: When Being An Ally Means Being Silent

OPB, August 12th, 2016: The Power of Protest: Police And Activists Talk Black Lives Matter

July 2016

Willamette Week, July 8th, 2016: Footage Shows Counter-Protester Pulling Gun on Portland’s Black Lives Matter March

Portland State University Vanguard, July 12th, 2016: “This Can’t be Justice” Don’t Shoot PDX establishes local response to national tragedies

OPB, July 13th, 2016: Don’t Shoot PDX Holds A Children’s March And Rally In N Portland

Banjo, July 13th, 2016: Protest For Children at Dawson Park

April 2016

Blue Oregon, April 21st, 2016: Don’t Shoot Portland Trial Day 4: Teressa Raiford Found Not Guilty of Disorderly Conduct

Oregon Live, April 18th, 2016: Judge says Portland cop’s testimony isn’t credible, but trial still on for Don’t Shoot PDX leader


Courthouse News, November 19th, 2015: Spying on Black Lives Matter Recalls Days of FBI Snooping

OPB, August 24th, 2015: Janelle Monae Rallies Alongside Don’t Shoot Portland

The Skanner, August 13th, 2015: Activists Take to the Street After Arraignment

Portland Tribune, August 9th, 2015: Two protesters arrested in SE Portland Day of Mike Brown FERGUSON Remembrance gathering

Oregon Live, August 4th, 2015: Local activists gear up for 1-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s killing