We appreciate all donations in helping keep our work sustainable and our communities empowered!

Programs and Services

* Oregon Know Your Rights – Advocacy and legal workshops including our continued #KnowYourRights Training with the ACLU.ย Since 2014 #DontShootPDX has developed legal outreach in support and partnership with lawyers and volunteers from the National Lawyers Guild and the Portland Law Collective.

* Community Engagement and Educational Dialogue – Organizing as a PAC helped us to develope our signature activism and direct engagement platforms and panels. These demonstrations have expanded the #BlackLivesMatter movement and our agenda into state capitals, city and county municipalities including school districts and other fraternal organizations and institutions.

* Community Art Project – Our youth outreach ensures that we support the development of local activism through various forms of education related art and history projects focused on civil rights and anti discrimination. The fight against state sanctioned discrimination is going to be strengthened through the use of knowledge of process, policy and history.